A Manifesto

There is no beauty for beauty’s sake

Beauty can be found in every thing on this earth, however beauty must not be worshiped for its own sake.

Books hold knowledge beyond what we can encounter through happenstance

Reading books expands your mind and aids in the development of empathy. Read books which contribute to your growth rather than simply entertain you. Continue reading A Manifesto


I’m a young mom living with a mental illness

When you’re diagnosed with clinical depression and generalized anxiety, your mental health intersects with all of your identities in complex ways. I’m excited to dive into the intersection of my mental health with one of my most important life roles. My hope is that other mothers who struggle with mental illness will experience the same catharsis reading this that I feel writing it. I am sure that like myself, their womanhood and the expectations placed upon it by society informs much of the anxiety they experience as mothers. Continue reading I’m a young mom living with a mental illness

Developing Accomplices – Leaving Allies Behind

A few weeks ago as my two friends tied the knot, negative emotions began to percolate within me. I am admittedly on the fence about marriage, leaning toward having very little interest in the system, and I am always suspicious of cishet people. Being a marginalized individual can often make you suspicious of the people and traditions that fit within the mainstream. I have to admit that within my antiestablishment vigor, I have developed a streak of pessimism. This isn’t a post about bashing white/cis/heterosexual/conservative people; in fact it’s quite the opposite. Continue reading Developing Accomplices – Leaving Allies Behind

My Body, My Choice

I think as a culture we have a problem with autonomy; we cherish the charisma and machismo of the lone ranger, the white cishet man to save us all, or provide the standalone archetype for each of us to ascend to. However, in terms of letting people make decisions for themselves, decisions that often have little to no impact on other people, we are often hard pressed to “let people live” or “let them be great”. While most of the conversation about personal choice has be surrounding women’s reproductive rights, my reference to the phrase “my body, my choice” extends beyond the basic rights women should have when making decisions about their bodies. Quite obviously, people’s bodies are their own; the choices they make with them should be their own as well. Continue reading My Body, My Choice

Just Like Your Friends: DJ and Terrel in Conversation

Just Like Your Friends isn’t just a catchy title, the writers of this blog are actually people who are friends on and offline. In this post, DJ and Terrel talk about three of their role models, Storm (X-men), Beyoncé, and Missy Elliot.

We started by talking about Storm, the fictional “weather witch” from the popular comic, cartoon, movie, gaming, etc franchise from Marvel: Continue reading Just Like Your Friends: DJ and Terrel in Conversation

I’m Queer: Part 1

I am someone so chock full of privilege, it’s coming out of my ears. I do not intend for this to be a mocking or shocking revelation; for 25 years I’ve been a lower middle-class, cis-gendered, heterosexual male who was able to obtain two advanced degrees and currently works in a full-time, salaried position that I find extremely fulfilling on both creative and emotional plains. I’ve reaped all the benefits of these circumstances and have flourished because the world is built in such a way that I am able to consistently do so without care, concern, or consternation. Continue reading I’m Queer: Part 1

JLYF- I’m Going Through A Quarter Life Crisis…

      Just like your friends, I’m going through a quarter life crisis. I’m sad to say that it’s not as dramatic or exciting a life crisis as I’d like it to be. I’m not finding myself by traveling the world or going back to school for my 4th degree or suddenly jumping into a minimalist lifestyle. Those cool endeavors are being taken on by friends who are near and dear to my heart, but myself- I can’t even quarter life crisis right.

My quarter life crisis looks like spending just a little too long deciding if I’m going to “like” someone else’s good news post because jealousy says no but karma says yes. Continue reading JLYF- I’m Going Through A Quarter Life Crisis…