A Manifesto

There is no beauty for beauty’s sake

Beauty can be found in every thing on this earth, however beauty must not be worshiped for its own sake.

Books hold knowledge beyond what we can encounter through happenstance

Reading books expands your mind and aids in the development of empathy. Read books which contribute to your growth rather than simply entertain you.

Time is a Constant collaborator

Be mindful of time, as it helps create the work. Acknowledge that with more or less time, the work you do would be entirely different. Allow yourself to take the time you need to produce the results you want.

The work must fuel personal growth

Whatever you do should help you become the best possible version of yourself. If it does not fuel you, it most likely drains you.

Imagine larger, for to scale down is simpler than to meaningfully add to small ideas

When you think large, your ideas can help you imagine a life that you may not possibly be able to visualize as a reality, but through the envisioning of something greater, you can achieve more than you realize. Thinking small can limit your perceived possibilities.

Writing and language are sources of truth and deceit

Choose your words carefully and wisely. Words have so much power; written and spoken, you can use your words to create joy or sorrow. You can create truths or lies: be mindful of when the appropriate time is for either.

All things and persons have a purpose – blend high and low when possible

Acknowledge that everything exists for some reason, even if that reason doesn’t seem clear to you. Take the good with the bad, the high with the low, all opposites are not in binary, so blend when possible and evaluate the results.

Question all social constructs

Time, Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, et al., examine the rules about these and question if those social norms are helping or hindering your development. Help others escape the constraints these can possibly hold.

If it doesn’t excite you, it won’t excite anyone else

It’s honestly that simple. Your energy about anything affects how others perceive it. Either get excited, or do something that excites you.

The personal does not have to be confessional, but the cathartic nature of truth and revelation should be considered

Sharing parts of yourself is important for building partnerships, you will need to share pieces of yourself to experience authentic relationship, however that doesn’t mean confessing truths you aren’t ready to share. Eventually, you should consider the relief that comes with confession as pent up emotion could explode.

Have fun, encourage curiosity, and engage in mental play

Taking time to enjoy what you are doing, or to enjoy a hobby is important. Playing with others is a way to bridge gaps. Take advantage of the bonding that comes through play and camaraderie.


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